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What Is The Difference Between Commercial Cleaning And Residential Cleaning?

difference between commercial cleaning and residential cleaning

There are companies around the globe which specialize in both the commercial and the residential cleaning and some people may think that at the end of the day it is cleaning and it would be same for any kind of the property therefore, it would not matter if they hire a company which specializes in commercial cleaning for their residential cleaning but this is not the case. There is a reason why these two cleanings are kept separate and understanding these reasons are essential for you to hire the one you actual need.

Commercial cleaning in ballina is the need of the businesses because it is not possible for them to self-clean the large premise every other day whereas the residential cleaning may seem reasonable occasionally or for a very large residential property but in most cases, it is a form of luxury rather than the necessity. The primary objective of the commercial cleaning is to keep the business up and running by providing standardized sanitary and cleanliness.

The time difference:

The residential cleaning services work in the day time and in the presence of the home owners and the family whereas the commercial cleaning services work in the night or after office hours under the supervision of the operation head of the business or the relevant staff so that during the office hours the employees are not disturbed with the cleaning and their work is not effected.

The charges:

The residential cleaning services are provided according to the day and charged accordingly as mentioned earlier, the residential owners hire the residential cleaning occasionally and they are given the payment for the day they work whereas in case of the commercial cleaning these are hired to do the cleaning every day and therefore, they charge their client monthly.

Risk factor:

In the residential property, there could be certain important items placed such as an expensive antique art or some very sentimental heirloom which needs to be carefully cleaned and placed because otherwise it would be impossible to find its compensation therefore, in case of the residential cleaning, the risk of mishandling the thing is higher whereas in commercial setting the furniture and the items are pretty straightforward and there is not much of thing which needs to be handled with such great care, although a little care is required in any case.

Above mentioned were some points which make the residential cleaning different from the commercial one and therefore, one should hire the right company for the kind of the cleaning required. There are many companies which are equally good in both types of the cleaning in ballina and you could easily find these on internet