Monthly Archive: January 2019

What You Can Do To Prevent Clogged Drains

Having to deal with clogged drains is not something that anyone looks forward to. However, it is also a situation that you need to take control of before it becomes worse messing up your entire plumbing system. So here are some things you can do to prevent these from occurring. 

Fix in screens

The reason most of the times for blocked drains Gold Coast is because of the garbage that is consciously or unconsciously sent down them. Once these end up sticking on to the walls of the pipes and other parts throughout the pipe, they prevent the free flow of water. And that is the reason why you end up having to have ugly drain encounters. Therefore, to prevent this fitting in a screen on the mouth of the opening in the sink that connects to the pipe, would help a lot.

Don’t send the grease down

When it comes to your heart there is a reason that fat is not necessarily recommended as it clogs up the walls of your blood vessels causing cholesterol. This is the same that happens in your sink. When you send down all that grease and fat, it ends up clogging on the walls of the drain. And when that happens overtime there ends up being no space in the walls for the water to flow causing blockages and whatnot. Therefore, make sure that you avoid this practice. Of course, it wouldn’t be a big deal to simply call in the assistance of a great plumber, but why do so when you can prevent things beforehand!

Don’t use water at high pressure

While you might be in a hurry and want to get work done fast, you might use the water at high pressure. However, on the whole to the system this is definitely not the best thing to do. Water flowing at high pressure is very strong in force and could damage different parts of the system, especially those that have been loosely attached for different reasons. therefore, to prevent things from falling off or coming apart make sure that you avoid opening the tap too fast with water flowing at high speed.

Avoid the hard water

Hard water is not only bad for your skin but for your drainage system as well. this water contains a lot of magnesium, calcium and whatnot that could build in over time inside your pipes. Therefore, to prevent this from occurring now there are water softeners. So, make sure install them to your system too. Take the above tips in to account and avoid having to deal with messy drains!